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Left to right, Rollie- 10yrs (Vicktor's uncle) Vicktor-2yrs, Cal- 2yrs (Vicktors cousin) Photo taken May 3rd 2019

The boys above all passed their "Farm Dog Certification" Left to right, Rollie 10yrs, Vicktor 2.5 yrs and Cal 2 years old!!! :) 

Vicktor von Ryanhaus earned his BH this weekend at the spring trial held in Saco with the Maine Schutzhund club

Thank you Judge Don Yelle for your professional demeanor and patience and also a very interesting and detailed critique of our BH routine.

Thank you to all the members of the Maine Schutzhund club for cheering me on!

Congratulations to all that passed and are moving on to the next phase, and to those that didn't, hope to see you again for another shot at accomplishing your goals.

I'd like to thank Scott Carlson for the training tips I needed to calm down my exuberant youngster.

Big thank you to Jane McClay Hoyt for thinking outside of the box and making sure that everyone felt welcome, you did awesome!!!

Huge thank you also to Doreen Metcalf for the use of her great training facility!!!!

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