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This page is dedicated to all the Happy Puppy Owners

Hi Paula,

Wanted to send you a photo and update on Chewy (purple boy from Abby-Lucky). He is doing great so far with the family, crate training and house training. He is picking up basic commands very quickly. Have him enrolled in puppy training starting next week. He is a well behaved, gentle, sweet puppy. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. -Mike

This pup is a Lucky/Abby boy whelped September 1st 2015

Dixie is unbelievable! I am really trying to put good patterns and foundation in place and I am so proud of her. Handsome, smart, sweet and calm. We are loving her!


This is a female pup "Dixie" from our Lucky/Abby litter whelped

September 1st 2015

Hi Paula,

Just wanted to send you an update and to ask a question. Tucker is doing great with his house training - maybe an accident once in a while but for the most part he lets us know when he needs to go out. We have had him to meet people last weekend and will do the same this weekend. He seems to like the visits with people and on the 24th of November he starts a puppy class with 10 other puppies. Should be fun.

The only problem we are having is his nipping. He is so fresh. When he starts nipping I take his nose and say "no bites" and when I let him go he looks right at me and snaps at my hand. Sometimes I can't help smiling as I know he is just showing his spirit but I can't have him nipping so much. I have tried flipping him over on his back but that just gets him more excited and he just nips more.

I read today that I should scream out like I am hurt and walk away as that is what the puppies pack do. Do you have any suggestion because right now I am losing this battle. Any advise you can give me would be appreciated.

My friend who is a professional photographer took pictures of Tucker last weekend. I haven't gotten all of them but am sending the one that she sent me. He is such a good boy and we love him so much. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful, smart puppy. You are the best.



Tucker is a Lucky/Abby son whelped September 1st 2015

Hi Paula!

Just wanted to send you a quick picture of Keisar! He came to my classroom over the summer and helped me clean!!

What a great dog he is!! I love every minute of having him!

I follow your kennel on your website! Beautiful puppies!!

Have a great weekend!

Molly & Keisar

Keisar is a Lucky/Jutta boy whelped May 6th 2014

This is a letter from Kevlar's new owner!

Kevlar lives in Maine with Sister B. Emmanuel Bryant,

She will be her companion and protector.

Kevlar is a Lucky/Jutta girl Whelped May 6th 2014

3 of 13,

Good Morning Paula,

Just a quick note to let you know how wonderful Tucker is and how much he has made a place for himself in our family. Over Thanksgiving we had about 30 people for dinner and he was so good. He was quiet and calm - my kids kept asking me how old he was as their 1 year old dog is a wild man. He played well with my 5 Grandchildren and they all loved him.

Kevin and I have been taking him to Lowe's (we were told Dogs Aren't Allowed In Lowe's) but this was after our 3rd trip - so I guess we will switch to Home Depot. We have also been taking him to the Merrimack Outlets - it's an outdoor type mall and it's been a great experience for Tucker. People have just loved him and he has enjoyed being the center of attention.

He started Puppy class last week and did very well and the owner Jim Ward (who use to breed Shepherds and still trains them for different police departments) fell in love with him and wants to look at his pedigree once I get it. I have know Jim for about 15 years and I have never seen him so excited by a puppy. Kept saying what a handsome boy!!

He also goes to Doggy Daycare twice a week with his best buddy Cooper. Cooper just loves him and Tucker can't get enough of Cooper. The two of them are the best of friends and play so well together. Have been trying to get a good picture of them together but so far we haven't been fast enough.

If I don't talk to you before Christmas I hope it is a Happy and Healthy Christmas for you and your family and may the year ahead be a wonderful one for you and yours.


Janet and Tucker

Tucker is a Lucky/Abby son whelped September 1st 2015

3 of

Hi Paula,

It's been a while, but I wanted to send you an update on Luke (Prince Lukas Maximus Von Ryanhaus) who turned 3 in October.

He was born Oct. 24, 2012 from the Theo/Tessie litter.

Luke is seriously the best dog ever and we just love him so much!

He absolutely loves everyone - he is such a love bug, he plays well with other dogs and he is so smart!

Our neighbors refer to him as "the neighborhood dog" since he knows and loves everyone.

I've attached a picture of him with his big stick - always has a stick, ball or Frisbee in his mouth.

Hope all is well and wishing you and your family Happy Holidays!


This is Jax a Rollie/Stella pup from the October 24th 2015 litter

His owner Bruce writes....

Oh he's great high energy had a couple training sessions getting better with jumping . He sleeps all night since we got him . He's fifty pounds and likes to stay with me in the yard .

Hi Paula,

Ezra is doing great. He is so calm around the kitties, but still nice and playful with us people. He has done wonderfully on his socialization outings and seems unfazed in strange places. We just got back from the vet this morning, and he has a clean bill of health (of course). He got his kennel cough vaccine, and we picked up some Sentinel and NexGard tablets. He is so smart too! He hasn't had a single accident in the house and is picking up his commands very quickly. He is simply perfect!

Here are some photos! We will keep you posted :)



Ezra is a Rollie/Stella pup whelped 10/24/2015

Hi Paula,

My wife Sue and I got Ruby back in the first week or so in November. Here she is at four months, and one of our 2-yr-old as well with whom Ruby was in love at first sight. We gave Kuko (the 2-yr-old) a week before letting them get together, and now they’re inseparable.



Ruby is a Lucky/Abby pup!

Paula just another note to tell you how amazing this dog is. He's housebroken which isn't the big deal but awfully nice. At night I go to bed very early and my husband or son brings the puppy up around 10 or so and puts him in his crate in our bedroom for the night. Last night I woke up around 9:40 and the crate was wide open with a puppy sound asleep inside. My husband fell asleep watching the game and Brando must have woken up seen I was gone and came up to bed all by himself. This meant that he had to ignore three cats that call my bedroom their turf and not come over to the bed and give me kisses. He simply got in his crate and went to sleep where he stayed until 6 this morning. This does not mean that he can't be a holy terror. He keeps us all hopping during the day but he's so smart and so happy we can hardly complain. Sunday I'm taking him to a puppy play group which should be fun for us all. We leave next week for our Florida road trip where we will try and find his sister for a reunion. He's very vocal which we all love and hope he stays a "talker". Thanks again I'm having the best time with my little bear who is growing like a weed!

Brando is a Rollie/Stella pup!!!

Hi Paula, Thank you for a great puppy Murphy is 21lbs. She loves the ocean and swimming She sits and gives paws for treats She walks a 1/2 mile every morning Thank you, Ken

Murphy is a Rollie/Stella girl!

Whelped 10-24-15


Here are two pictures of our beautiful Mirage, a Xander/Bonnie pup all grown up! The first was taken when she was 2 the second was taken this week at the age of almost 8. Mirage is such a wonderful girl who is constantly getting comments on her beauty. She is very toy driven and has a nose that will sniff out a toy anywhere! She really would have made an awesome drug sniffing dog. Even at 8 she still seems to have the energy of a pup. It’s kind of ironic that she came from Salisbury and has spent every summer since birth up there. She is well known up in the center as she loves taking walks up to hear the bands and watch the fireworks. Very well socialized and everyone enjoys petting her and just can’t get over her disposition and beauty. Although we never gave her formal training, I was able to easily train her the basic commands of sit, stay and no jumping on people. She listens extremely well and is a pure pleasure to own. Thank you so much for giving us the pleasure of owning a Von Ryanhaus dog! I would recommend your dogs to anyone!



Hi Paula,

I have been watching my rehab dog, "Venner" over the past 6 months in regards to his working energy and preferences. He loves everyone which I am happy about but I really think he has become a real "pediatric specialist!" he does a great job for everyone, but when he is working with a child- and he works with kids anywhere from 2 yrs up- he is obviously in his element. he brings the items very carefully to the child, making sure he brings it to their lap, without overwhelming them After all, he does weigh 110. He walks carefully around them and will gently put head on their lap to be massaged. Don't get me wrong, he does all his tasks with all patients correctly, allowing for some foolishness once in a while, but for the kids there is just a special something. He is, for sure, a dog worth bragging about!


Venner is an Xander/Sam pup!!!

Hello from Florida. I'm not sure I could have done this with any other puppy. He has been amazing. We've been in five different homes. All with dogs of differing temperaments. He's accompanied me to several dog friendly restaurants where he charmed everyone. We went to Schooners Wharf because my friend knows a lot of the waitstaff. We told them to keep their eyes open for Murphy next week. He's growing really fast. His ears flopped a bit because he's growing fast. He's eating 2 cups of Fromm a feeding.

If this trip stressed him you'd never know it.

This is Brando, a Rollie/Stella boy!

This is Leo!

A Lucky/Jutta Pup!

He has just celebrated his first Birthday!!!!

Gronk, 1 years old today!! 74 lbs of energy and love! Thank you Paula Zitzow Silva for breeding him! Also well overdue huge thank you to Linda Cunningham and Miles River for your boot camp which taught Gronk how to behave well! Thanks,Stacey Roy Lai for your Raw To Go!! We love him dearly!

Gronk is a Lucky/Jutta Boy!!!

Hi Paula,

I hope you are having a fun day in the snow because Ezra sure is! He loves to bury his whole head into the drifts and sniff, sniff, sniff. I took some photos of him playing and attached them below.

He is growing a lot and now weighs 35 pounds at 15 weeks. We have enjoyed taking him to training, and he has certainly come a long way. He is housebroken and now knows sit-stay, down-stay, leave it, and recall. We have also done some initial ground work training in agility, skijoring, and protection. He loves it all!

He gets to go off leash hiking up in the woods everyday now and adores romping in the leaves. In the house, he is normally quiet and shockingly low energy. He loves to sleep on his bed or in his crate.

We are so proud of how smart and well mannered he has become since the very bite-happy puppy phase. He certainly keeps us on our toes, but he has wiggled himself into our family life.


Ana and family

Rainier Ezra Quest von Ryanhaus


Hi, i hope all is well! We wanted to send along an update on our pup we picked up from you a couple months ago at the end of august with Rollie as a dad. Her name is Ryder and she is now 7 months and we love her! Thank you so much, Sarah and Matt

Ryder is a Rollie/Frieda pup!


This is Ruby at almost 6 months, and in the corner about 9 weeks. Her ears certainly win the prize!


Keith Knight

Ruby is a Lucky/Abby pup whelped September 1st 2015

Our GSD that we got from Ryanhaus is truly the best dog ever! He so handsome (I think he knows it) and big (120lb of muscle) and Loyal. Training him was so very easy as he is GSD smart. He is great on leash or off leash as he was born with genetic obedience, I believe.
A true guard dog as if you come on my property a bark that sounds like a bear roar heads your way. If I tell him its ok, he backs down with a grumble. If I do not, watch out, as a GSD his job is to protect his family at all costs.
Great with other dogs and children as we socialized him from early on. Our Diezel is one of the family & we take great care of our boy as your reap what you sew. I would recommend this breeder if you are looking for a Beautiful, Loyal, Loving and easy to train dog with a wonderful temperament. Thank you for Diezel!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for helping me find a GSD for my Friends,

Kerry Kidger & Diezel

Diezel is a Jazil/Tessie son and litter mate to our Rollie!

Hi Paula,

Ezra had a blast at the beach today! He is such a sweetheart and gets tons of complements for his dashing good looks and manners everywhere he goes. He thinks everyone he meets is his new best friend and loves playing with other dogs on trail walks in the woods and at the beach. While he can still be a bit naughty at times, his training is coming along well, and he aims to please. He practices a lot around all types of distractions.

Hope you enjoy the photos :)



This is Nina, a Lucky/Jutta pup!

Paula. She is super smart, amazing ball/ hunt drive, obedient and loyal. Very happy with her. Our Bull Mastif passed this year and will prob get Nina a sister in a year or so from Von Ryan Haus. CK

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