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  • German Shepherd pups due at Ryanhaus!

    Virgo von Ryan and Hena-C's Hey Ladies are expecting pups this weekend! Due to arrive on or about March 26th 2011, this litter linebred on: (Medium size, medium strong, pigment with very good expression and very good. Very good bone strength and good relationship. In the pre-and hind angulation. Chest conditions age appropriate. The forehand covers enough ground. In the supply, he developed strong courses with the correct sequence. Very good type. In behavior with good sharpness and hardness.) Virgo's pups are arriving today (3-26-2011) please check out the Virgo/Oso photo album! So far 1 boy, 1 girl, very dark sables

  • Virgo von Ryan passed her Temperament Test

    Virgo von Ryan passed her  temperament test that was held in West Kennebunk Maine on Saturday May 8th 2010.  She was tested by the American Temperament Test Society, hosted by Finish forward dogs, Inc. located in Saco, Me. It was raining off and on all day, but people were able to go inside and get out of the rain, and lunch was provided by Shannan from Finish Forward. It was held on the grounds of the Animal Welfare Society on Holland Road in West Kennebunk ME. Having been the first ATTS to be held, it was very organized and everyone including myself felt very welcomed! A big Thanks to everyone that put it together, it was alot of fun!

  • We're up & running

    This is my first entry into my blog, just to let you know, the German Shepherd is one of the  smartest dogs you could ever own and if you can tap into the DDR bloodlines, you're getting an original standard of the breed!

  • Theo got his TDIA certificate

    Theo has earned his TDIA certificate from Therapy Dogs International, which means he has visited the Assisted Living Center here in Salisbury a total of 50 times, boy how time flies, he's such a good boy and loves seeing all the people at Assisted Living, they are so happy to visit with him.

  • New Brags!

    This is Rollie after earning his first leg!

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