Ryanhaus Kennel

Building a foundation of trust and reliability connecting man with man's best friend

This page is set aside for all the happy owners of a Ryanhaus puppy!

Hi Paula,

 We have had Klaus for six years and it has been awesome! Klaus is very playful and is great around our friends and family. We love to spend time outdoors with him, he especially loves the beach! 


Klaus as a little puppy!!!

An Xander/Virgo pup!

Hi Paula,
  Here is Bella and her brother Echo(Dana&Onyx).  I can't believe she's 5 months old. Her ears are up all the time now.  She is a love.  They play together all day and go to playgroup every morning.

 The other day we met one of your newest  pups (I think her name is Miley).   
She is a Tessie&Theo female who was just adorable.  Once they spotted my dogs, they knew they were from Von Ryan's.  I get so many compliments on how beautiful my dogs are and how shiny their coats are.
 Many people have never seen an all black German Shepherd. Hope all is well.  


Bella a Bonnie/Xander pup!

This is Ada, a pup from our Ruhler/Joy  litter,

she has begun her training as a search and rescue dog, this is what she'll be up to next:   

"Hey there,

Ada is getting bigger and learning.  Next month helicopter training."


Ada getting ready to ride in a

Black Hawk Helicopter!!!