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Examples of different coats and colors of dogs that we have bred.

Below is Rollie, (Jazil/Tessie pup) Bi-color Standard Stock Coat

Below is Lucky,(Oso/Virgo pup) Black Sable Standard Stock Coat

Below is Oeht,(Theo/Tessie pup) Black Sable Long Stock Coat

Misdemeanor (Billy/Maggie pup) on the left is a Black Sable,

Jutta (Theo/Dana pup) on right is a Red Sable both Standard Stock Coats

Below is: Joy von Ryanhaus (Oeht/Maggie) Solid Black Standard Stock Coat

Below is: Lucille von Ryanhaus (Chaos/Estelle pup) Black Long Stock Coat

Below is: Earl von Ryanhaus (Rollie/Maddie pup) Long Stock Coat Bi Color

Maximus von Ryanhaus (Xander/Sam pup) Black and Red Standard Stock Coat

Kevlar von Ryanhaus (Lucky/Jutta pup) , Red Sable Standard Stock Coat

3 Sables sitting on a snowbank!!!

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