Ryanhaus Kennel

Building a foundation of trust and reliability connecting man with man's best friend

                   Examples of different coat colors of dogs that we have bred.

                               Below is Rollie, he is a Bi-color Standard Stock Coat

                             Below is Lucky, he is a Black Sable Standard Stock Coat

                         Below is Oeht, he is a Black Sable Long Stock Coat

       Misdemeanor on the left is a Black Sable, Jutta on right is a Red Sable both Standard             Stock Coats

                             Below is Joy von Ryanhaus a Solid Black Standard Stock Coat

                           Maximus von Ryanhaus Black and Red Standard Stock Coat

                                    Kevlar von Ryanhaus, Red Sable Standard Stock Coat

                                              3 Sables sitting on a snowbank!!!