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Ryanhaus Pups Daily Routine and some tips to start you off with your new pup!!!

This is a description of the pup’s daily routine: Ryanhaus Puppy Daily Routine

Pups are either sleeping just outside our sliding glass door off the puppy/computer room,

Or they are brought indoors to their puppy pens overnight if the weather is very cold.

The pups wake up at about 5:30 AM and start barking and playing, if they are outside

They wake up to the sounds of the great outdoors, if they are inside they are barking to go out.

We Feed Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula All Life Stages

When we are not feeding a raw diet we are feeding the pups and adults

this brand of kibble.

We usually feed them between 7AM-10:00AM 

1 cup of Diamond Naturals Chicken All Life Stages Dry with some broth or goat milk for added flavor

Then everyone’s happy & playing, they will take a nap about a half hour later, they mostly sleep

starting around 12:30 or 1:00 for an hour in the midday.

Then after naptime when everyone is all pooped/peed out, they get to come in the house, watch TV, play with mom & various other big dogs, males & females.

Then they go back out to the deck to play, and have a bone, carrot or raw chicken feet! Yum!!!

Then anytime between 4:00-6:00pm they will have 1 cup of Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice All Life Stages

 with a little goat milk or broth to moisten it,

you can also add a whole egg with the shell, a teaspoon of nutritional yeast and some frozen sardines!

You may increase the amount of Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice All Life Stages by ¼ cup twice a day so you are feeding 1 ¼ at each feeding about 2 weeks after bringing puppy home, check the weight amount on the bag,

by their chart, but remember, you want to feel your pups/dogs ribs but not actually see them,

it’s ok to make out one or two ribs just looking at pup, but

you don’t want to be able to see every rib on your dog, your pup/dog should have a waistline.

After your pup goes home with you:

No food or water after 7:00pm while crate training a pup, feed all his/her meals inside their crate,they will learn to run inside to be fed, also a pup won’t poop or pee where they sleep and eat. I prefer a large sized cage type crate, so that if your dog wants quiet time you can cover it, also you can see your dog better in the cage type compared to the plastic ones, and the cage type are lighter and easier to carry.

Be aware that the tap water from Salisbury Ma. is different than where you are, start off giving your pup bottled, boiled and cooled off or filtered water in the beginning, then gradually introduce your tap water.

If you are not crate training, I advise you to put a leash on your pup and tether the leash to your belt buckle or tether your pup to the chair you are sitting in, you need to keep an eye on your pup at all times in your house so they don’t eat your house plants, or go behind the chair to go “Potty”! Pups don’t like you to see where they go “Potty” if it’s in your house cause they know they aren’t supposed too, and if you should catch them doing “Potty” in the house, pick them up whether they’re finished or not and get them outside fast>like the house is on fire fast!!! You must make a big deal out of going “Potty” outdoors.

Never Ever Put Newspaper on The Floor!!!

For your pup to go “Potty” on, they will then just hold it and wait till they come back indoors to go on the papers. If you know your pups needs to go “Potty” and they are taking too long to go outside, then just bring them back in the house, for say like 5 minutes…..then go back outside and your pup should relieve himself,

that’s called getting one over on the little bugger!

Should your pup whine and start circling around, that is an indication that your pup needs to go outside and go potty, while your pup is going potty outside say, “Go to the bathroom” or “Go potty” or “Do your business” some key phrase is helpful in reminding the pup to use the outdoors for his bathroom, you may also give him a treat, or use a clicker right as he’s relieving himself, he’ll get the message. Give your pup every opportunity to go “Potty” at the end of the night.

You may get a collar that is adjustable, starting off with an 11 inch collar that can be adjusted up a few or down a few inches, I have a collar for everyone picking up their pup, or you can bring one.

Olivia on her doggie bed!!!

I advise all owners to get a doggie bed for their pup/dog and not allow them to sleep in the bed or sit on the couch with them, at least until you have trained them formally and they know that you are the boss.

If your dog sleeps in your bed and sits on the couch with you, they are then looking eye to eye with you, that can mean for some of the more dominant pups/dogs that they are equal to you and you are no longer the alpha dog, if you don’t believe this can happen then you can allow your dog to sleep in the bed with you and sit on the couch with you, but don’t call me when your dog starts growling at you and begins pushing you around, I’ll only say I told you so.

This behavior doesn’t happen with all dogs, but once in a while it does, and it turns into a behavioral problem that needs to be addressed>

DON’T SPOIL YOUR DOG, (Too much food, too much coddling, too much babying, no discipline……) It can ruin a well bred German Shepherd Dog and confuse the heck out of them!

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