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German Shepherd pups due at Ryanhaus!

Virgo von Ryan and Hena-C's Hey Ladies are expecting pups this weekend! Due to arrive on or about March 26th 2011, this litter linebred on:


(Medium size, medium strong, pigment with very good expression and very good. Very good bone strength and good relationship. In the pre-and hind angulation. Chest conditions age appropriate. The forehand covers enough ground. In the supply, he developed strong courses with the correct sequence. Very good type. In behavior with good sharpness and hardness.)

Virgo's pups are arriving today (3-26-2011) please check out the Virgo/Oso photo album!

So far 1 boy, 1 girl, very dark sables

Oso/Virgo pups 3-26-2011
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