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We at Ryanhaus Kennel are striving to improve the breeds by quality health testing all our dogs, the German Shepherd bloodlines consist mostly on the DDR German Shepherd Dogs of the past, Our Labrador Retriever bloodlines are a combination of show lines and hunting lines that also excel at obedience and Therapy/Service Dogs

We are Striving to improve on temperament and health,

We are located in Salisbury Massachusetts USA

The pups below were whelped November 19th 2022 pictured at 7 weeks old, all have gone to their new homes!


  Gagarin von Jarosz -Haus @ Ryanhaus   OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows

  Olga Von Ryanhaus                                     OFA Fair Hips, Normal Elbows, DM Clear

   Pups are due on or about March 8th 2024

  Expecting very confident and social pups with medium drives

    Please click on the photo of the parents to see their page;


 For more information about this litter or any upcoming future litters contact Paula @ 978-609-4459




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We Do Not Ship Our Pups/Dogs, and do not sell to Pet Shops, wholesalers, or brokers we are a small "Personal Kennel" We are proud to say that we have puppy owners from Maine to California and states in between that have traveled to our town to pick up their new best friend!

Please keep calling 978-609-4459 or emailing us,

as you know, the squeaky wheel

gets the grease!

Thank you all for your

patience and understanding!

To help the pups get a good start in life,

we use the Bio Sensor Stimulation Method

Here is an informative link to explaining this method:

Thank you Jenn & Colt for handling both girls, they got SG Very Good, and Maddie handled by Jenn got an SV3 out of 6. Special Thanks to Judge SV Dieter Oeser and the Quinebaug Schutzhund Club for hosting the conformation show, also the people on the sidelines for getting Maddie's attention!

Olinda handled by Colt also did very well with a rating of SG5

Below is a link to explain why we want puppy owners to reconsider spaying or neutering until the pup is fully grown:

Things to know about spaying and neutering:

More to consider about spaying and neutering:

How much should my German Shepherd Dog weigh?

German Shepherd Dog

Height & Weight Standards

from the F.C.I. Standard

Adult Males:

  • Height at the wither 60 cm to 65 cm (23.62 inches -

  • 25.59 inches)

  • Weight 30 kg to 40 kg. (66.14 pounds - 88.18

  • pounds; Midrange = 77 pounds)

Adult Females:

  • Height at the wither 55 cm to 60 cm (21.65 inches -

  • 23.62 inches)

  • Weight 22 kg - 32 kg (48.5 pounds - 70.55 pounds;

  • Midrange = 59.5 pounds)

Average German Shepherd Growth

Chart by Weight & Age

Please note: these are averages. Your puppy may grow faster or slower, larger or smaller. Consult your vet for an accurate evaluation of your puppy's development.

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