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  Theo von Ryan passed his Odor Recognition Test                      on April 6th 2014

Theo von Ryan has been retired from breeding

Pictured below is Theo's sire Bullet a DDR import and his German Pedigree

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Theo beginner Nosework February 6th 2011
Theo von Ryan passed his endurance test on April 28th 2012

Theo earned his AD with the Maine Schutzhund club on April 28th 2012 at 6 years 7 months old!

  • AD: Ausdauerprüfung (German) – An endurance test performed by gaiting approximately 6 – 10 miles per hour for about 12 miles with a ten minute rest halfway and a simple obedience test at the end. AD is a prerequisite for a Korung evaluation.
  •         Theo von Ryan CGC TT CD HIC RN TDIA THD AD BH