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                                        Abby's pups have arrived!!! Whelped July 15th 2019         

SG Abby von Ryanhaus ORT AD

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, DM N/N, Eyes Normal

 Abby is a red sable, she has excellent temperament that she passes on to her pups, she is an exceptional mom to her pups  

Abby has a great nose on her and passed her ORT (Odor Recognition Test!)  :)  She also passed her 12 mile endurance test AD ( Ausdauerprüfung)

Tiberius Von Nordosten

OFA Good, Normal Elbows

Ty has excellent temperament, loves small dogs, people friendly, his pedigree has some of the older DDR/east  bloodlines, Grafental, Haus Iris, his Czech bloodlines include, Pohranicin Straze, Eqidius  :)

This is a repeat litter of some really nice pups with excellent temperaments and great conformation able to climb over anything in their way, Mom can scale a 7 foot wooden fence with ease, along with the pups brother Vicktor. The pups are exposed to many different surfaces before going to their new homes, and will also know how to master the stairs.

These pups should also be very neutral around other dogs, people and farm animals.

They will make excellent companions and should excel at some if not all of these different venues available to them:   protection dog, sport dog, SV Conformation shows, formal obedience, nose work, tracking, agility, SAR, dock dogs, therapy dog, barn hunt, some of our dogs have been known to alert for seizures, detect cancer on a person, and also help greatly with veterans or others with PTSD

 Mom Abby below with her 19 day old pups! Please click the photo below for pups pedigree!

Black and Red Female

Looks like her big brother Vicktor!  ;)

19 Days old, Whelped July 15th 2019 ready for her new home in September!

Red Collar light sable Male, he has a white toe on his left hind foot just like his grandpa Theo!!!  ;)

19 Days old and ready for his new home in September

Pink Collar Sable Female

She's a good sized girl,

19 days old and ready for her new home in September

Blue Collar  Red Sable Patterned Male,

(Cool Markings!)

19 days old and ready for his new home in September

Black Collar Dark Sable Male

He is the darkest pup in this litter :)

19 days old and ready for his new home in September

This is First Ascent Lhotse von Ryanhaus "Lhotse"

She is full sister to the pups!

Lhotse has earned titles in Ratters, Novice Trick Dog and also Dock Diving!!!!

Here is a recent email from Lhotse' owner!!!

"Hi Paula,

It has been a few months, thought I would update you on Lhotse. She is doing fantastic. She had another recurrence of Pano after I wrote you, but since switching her to the adult ProPlan Sport, she has been fine.

She and I have been very busy and have some titles to show for it. She has earned her Novice Trick Dog Title through Do More With Your Dog, Ratter title through Happy Ratters (it’s an urban rat hunting sport, similar to Barn Hunt), Instinct title in Barn Hunt and has two legs toward her Novice title and today she earned her Dock Senior title through North American Diving Dogs. She absolutely loves dock diving and jumped 17’3” today.

I thought you might enjoy some photos of her. We always get the nicest compliments on her when we are out and about at events. She is a whole lot of fun and we feel very fortunate to have her!"


Lhotse is one busy girl!!!!

Thank you Paula Heriot for keeping her active and healthy!!!!

You guys make a great team!!!!

 This is Vicktor von Ryanhaus, Full brother to the pups! 

Vicktor is working in formal obedience and protection sports.

 He has earned his BH:

(BH stands for Begleithund or Companion Dog and is the prerequisite temperament and obedience test for IPO. You cannot obtain any further titles in IPO without the BH. The BH consists of three parts – the written test (for you, not your dog), the obedience pattern, and the traffic portion)

Vicktor is OFA certified excellent hips, normal elbows, normal Heart & Thyroid, N/N for DM

This is "Ryker" He is a Red Sable, brother to the pups!

Also, Vicktor's littermate :)