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Daniel & Paula Silva
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I  have used a prong collar in the beginner stages with my younger dogs while training, then I like to eventually wean then onto a buckle collar.
Some of my dogs didn't need the prong collar for very long at all, so I would keep both a buckle and a prong on them at the same time.




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Wolfie has always heeled and walked very well with me. However, I have always used prong collars on my previous GSD's because I am small and they are so strong. I use one on Wolfie as well for my peace of mind. In fact, when I took him out the other night, there were 3 deer in my yard. Wolfie has a very strong prey drive and started to take off after the deer. Thank goodness he had the prong collar on. It stopped him right there. It was the first time the prong was ever put to the test with Wolfie.

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Kaiser Von Ryanhaus - (Xander/Virgo)
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Hi, I also use pinch collars; however, the same for me/my dogs as Paula.  I don't need the pinch after all the training, and being consistent in my commands with my pups.  Granted, I do have one dog that has extremely high prey drive, but I usually know what he will react to and catch him before his level of excitement gets too high and put him in to a command (sit, down, "with me") to remind him I'm the boss and he is not allowed to chase unless I release him.

It did take a while...and he is now ten years old, but can still go from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds in excitement if I don't keep an eye on him. :)

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I use the prong collar only when walking.

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leslie edwards
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I've never used one - only a a rope choke collar


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